Monday, March 19, 2018

The Mastering in "Me" Series

The Mastering in “Me” Series 

A series of four interactive workshops for women that uncover what motivates you to:

  • Get more grounded,
  • Be clear and present,
  • Take responsibility for your part in life and business


  • Me 101 – Turning Your Dreams into Reality 
  • Me 102 – Taming your inner Critic- Overcoming Self-doubt 
  • Me 103 – Remove that Mask! Discovering Who You Really Are at Home and at Work
  • Me 104 – Get Out of Your Own Way.  Get Unstuck! 


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How Do I Get Started?

Once you decide you would like to start coaching, I will send you a questionnaire. This will jumpstart our relationship and also begin the discovery process of building your dreams and visions for the future. We then create and design our "Coaching Alliance" by setting up a time for a our discovery session. I'll clarify how I can create the best program for you. We will discuss what will be expected of you and what you expect from me as we work to transform you into your best possible self!

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